Installation ceremony of the latest court appointed bailiff Magali Croes

Present at the installation ceremony of the latest court appointed bailiff Magali Croes. Court of First Instance of Aruba. Installation was performed by justice P. Lemaire in the presence of the prosecutor.

The bailiffs in Aruba  are entrusted with official tasks which cannot be entrusted to anyone else. They are in particular entrusted with:
Serving writs of summons and other documents, to commence legal actions or to give instructions in lawsuits;
Serving court orders, announcements, protests and other writs;
Evictions, attachments, sale of property by court order, commitments for failure to comply with a court order and other acts being part of or required for the enforcement of warrants of execution or for the securing of rights;
The official supervision of voluntary sale of movable property in a public auction.’
By virtue of the law, these tasks, insofar as they pertain to civil law, must be performed by bailiffs.