Innovation in litigation in Aruba

The Court of First Instance of Aruba is starting a pilot program to allow civil matters to be litigated electronically. On September 25th, 2015 the Court held an informative session with members of the Aruba Bar Association to outline the process and procedures that will be applicable. The pilot will be done on a voluntary basis for lawyers that want to be part of the pilot. Participating lawyers will be able submit court documents in civil matters. The exchange will take place on an encrypted basis. Due to stay duty requirements original complaints will  - for now - have to be submitted in hard copy. Subsequent fillings, that don't require stamp duty can be exchanged electronically. The piot will be done on a dynamic basis and will be amended on the fly" to facilitate progress as the pilot continues. Appellate matters will be done on the conventional basis until such time that the Appellate Court and the Court of First Instance of Curacao, Sint Maarten and the BES-island join the pilot or a universal platform is developed. Gomez & Bikker will be part of the pilot and congratulates the Court with this initiative and the innovation.