How showing up intoxicated at work and swapping urine will get you fired!

We have all been there. You wake up in the morning after a bit of a long night after having a few (too many drinks) and then realize it is time to go to work. Many choose either to "man-up" and go to work while others choose to retreat for a better position I.e. calling in sick. The latter is to a certain exact accurate because under such circumstances you do feel (among many other things) sick.Earlier today my eye caught a judgment issued by the Court If Aruba in a labor dispute. After a few rum and cokes this dude decides it is time to go to work. I would have chosen to go to bed, but anyway, at work it was noticed (or perhaps blatantly obvious) that our friend was not his old self (his unusual speech or lack. thereof may have tipped his supervisors of.

This lead to a supervised blood and alcohol test. The results confirmed the suspicion. Now it is no surprise that drinking on the job or showing up drunk may not be the best thing for your career, but too as salt to injury (or in this case maybe lime to a rum coke) the individual figured that swapping the urine sample for the test would help his cause. It would have (maybe) but not when you get caught doing this. From the judgement, I was not able to find out how he was caught, but he was caught.Too keep a short story short, the court ruled upheld the immediate dismissal given.This teaches us a few things:

1. showing up intoxicated to work is not a good way to get a promotion.

2. it is better to have a designated driver than it is to have a designated urinator.

After writing this I am ready for a drink (or two). Good thing I don't have to work tomorrow.